About the Dry Fire Pro

>>>Dry Fire Pro® ---- Dual-Bands for Safety ---->

The Dry Fire Pro® is highly recommended by Level 4 USAA Coaches, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Doctors, and Competitive Archers. Let’s face it, no matter what brand of bow we shoot we all look very similar at full draw.  The Dry Fire Pro®  allows you practice your thing at full draw during and between archery seasons. The Dual-Band design ensures that you will Not Be Hit when practicing your release. The 19 inch design makes it very portable. Easily adjust the top band to set resistance then use the bottom band to balance the handle in your hand to feel like a bow. We all know that shooting a bow is the best way to get comfortable with your bow. To practice form, strengthen archery muscles, master a new release, or change up your shooting style only requires a bow simulation and the determination to be a better archer. The Dry Fire Pro® doesn’t replace your bow, instead it keeps you in shooting shape. This is great news because you should be using your bow to fine tune the components affecting arrow hit such as sight adjustment, proper peep alignment, and balancing weights to get locked on. The Dry Fire Pro® is represented by competitive archers with national and state records because they added our training device to their training routine. You need the Dry Fire Pro® if you want to practice more and step up your game.

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Improved Release and won the Arizona 3D Series and Sunrise 4th of July Shoot (big deal because you get a custom vest made for the winner).

Danii is a 13 time state champion and uses her Dry Fire Pro to keep her muscles in shape and ready to compete.

Maya is an 8 time Arizona state champion holding 7 Arizona state records and the National 25 Meter Indoor, Compound Bowman Female record. Let’s just say that Maya mastered her brass knuckle hinge release and rehabilitating a neck injury because of the Dry Fire Pro.