Training Materials

Want to be more accurate?

21 Day Training Program

Repetition is key to archery success. Click the link to try our program that was developed by medical staff to help you build motor memory and be more accurate.


Want to eliminate Target Panic?

21 Day Training Program

Eliminate target panic through our training program using the Dry Fire Pro. Our program was developed by a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to help you minimize symptoms and to build your confidence.

Want to hold longer at full-draw?

21 Day Training Programs

Use our timed interval training program to condition the key archery muscles so they are ready to hold longer when necessary. This is another program that was developed by medical personnel to make you a better archer.


Read our user manual to learn archery shooting fundamentals. Learn how to calculate your draw length, choose a shooting stance, anchor selection,  and gain pointers to resolving target panic.