Personal rehab

I have put comments on here about the DRYFIRE Pro. I have had the privilege to see the makings of this product. As a certified Level 4 coach,I believe that this device is second to none. The fact that it is so simple to use and for all the issues with shooting a bow, wether it be compitition target , 3D ,or hunting. This training device is a must have. I’ve seen others but still fall back on this. I’ve used it with all our JOAD kids and their processes and form have been taken too higher levels. Using the DRYFIRE as a therapy tool is excellent. I’ve personally used it fory two shoulder surgeries to get back into shape.Whth going through a hip replacement I used the DRYFIRE Pro for training so I could keep my muscles and form up. I can go on but the reality is, is you don’t have one of these .Do yourself a huge favor and get one. You won’t be disappointed. Justin Tafoya has hit the ball out of the ballpark with this training aid.

David Gunn

Perfect tool for training

This is the best archery training tool I’ve seen. It helps with target panic, form, strength training and anything else you can think of. It feels almost exactly the same as my bow. You can use it anywhere at any time. A must have for all archers!


I purchased this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it

I purchased this for my husbad for Christmas. He finds that this resembles the draw and release of his bow. He has tried other training devices, but finds this one the most helpful.


Great training aid

The Dry Fire Pro is a great training aid. Whenever we travel to a tournament site it makes the trip with us. It provides a way to practice the shot process, especially when stuck in a hotel room and going to the range just isn’t practical.


Great training aid

There are a lot of training aids out on the market but as a level 4 certified coach , I believe the Dry Fire Pro is the absolute best. It is so easy to understand and easy to use. I use it with all our JOAD kids and personal lessons. I have used it for target panic situations and for an archer switching to different releases. I’m sold on this product as it is a very good one, I would give it a 10 out of 5 stars. you can’t beat it. I have seen amatures as well as seasoned veterans of archery try this product and let me tell you ,they come away with higher expectations of their shooting ability after just using this aid a couple of times. Get yourself one, you won’t regret it.

David Gunn

Great training aid from injury

My son is a first year cadet recurve archer, he increased his draw weight from 32lbc to 38 lbs. In about two months shoooting with heavier weight he developed a gnawing injury to his left Rhomboid muscle, ( left handed) his doctor advised him to rest and not pull heavy for 2 to 4 weeks. Good enough we got this Dry Fire from Vegas Shoot and he used it every day with quarter to half the weight he was pulling until he was back to 30 lbs. he used it as training aid and rehab from his injury. First time back shooting at 60 meters and scored 310/360. And it was his first time breaking over 300 at 60 meters. Now he averages 315 to 325 after a month of serious training at cadet distance. Never lost his form and strength. Thanks a lot Dry Fire Archery, my son is more motivated now to shoot and aiming to medal this coming SoCal Shootout. And by the way customer service was awesome, just ask Justin.


Excellent Product

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the dry fire pro. I am 76 years old and have been wanting to get back into archery after about 60 years out of it. I went into the Marine corps in 1956. When I left 8 ½ years later, I went to work to support my family and to college. There was no time for much else. I outfitted the Dry Fire Pro with a sight and the 2.5 lb weight as you suggested in your video. I am progressing rapidly. my arm strength is increasing, my posture has improved, and i am getting better at keeping the sight on the target . I thank you for your efforts to develop and market this most excellent product.


Best Archery Pratice Device on the Market!

 By M Bix on November 29, 2016

I bought this device a bit ago, but have been waiting to review until I got a chance to consistently use it. It is definitely 5 star worthy. As noted in the questions, I asked if this device can handle a 70-80lb draw and I was shipped the new heavier bands with my purchase. It wasn’t until I got it, until I realized how out of shape my muscles were and I am just using the standard bands. I have recently mounted a spare sight to the bow which is helping with target panic and also giving me a better frame of reference for my workout routine. I am doing the 21-21-21 program right now.

It’s fantastic that I’m able to use my own equipment (sight, release) to simulate shooting without being able to go to a range. I live in a townhouse and indoor ranges aren’t that close, so I was looking for a solutions to keep myself in shape for winter. This definitely fits the bill. I have added a 2.5 lb weight on the end as well. None of the other products out there come close to experience this provides.

The best thing about the product is also the portability. Since I bought it, I have gone on 3 trips and have packed it each time. It packed fine in my checked bag at the airport and had no problems there. This allowed me to continue the training program even while on the road (a big problem I face is staying active while away from home).

I have shared the dry fire pro with most everybody I know and everyone is impressed. With Christmas around the corner, it would make a great gift for anyone who is an archer.

The only negative I can think of is the plastic end that holds the weight on the DFP is a smaller thread than the standard one used for a stabilizer. If you wanted to use a stabilizer you really wouldn’t be able to use a weight. I’m told that this is a design change that may have already been implemented going forward.

It’s a fantastic product, and the only one on the market I could find that would truly allow me to use my archery muscles and my own equipment. Obviously nothing will ever beat just shooting your own bow and repetition there, but this is an amazing alternatives that will save wear and tear on that expensive bow you have and also allow you to get reps in at home.

Highly recommend!!

Great product!

excellent for training! Especially during the cold and wet Alaskan winters. I’m hoping to take my first brown bear with a bow next year and am definitely glad to have this to train with to get ready for that hunt


Excellent training device!

This is an excellent training aid…I can’t shoot as often as I’d like due to work and family commitments and the DFP helps me maintain form and shot process. Crank up the tension a little and it’s also great for strengthening hold for hunting situations.


Shooting shape

The dry fire pro was some of the best money I’ve spent. I had a shoulder surgery in March of 2017. I didn’t think I was going to make the archery season here in AZ. But I added the dry fire pro to my P.T. and it made a world of difference. Got me ready and in shooting shape for the 2018 January season. I was able to take a beautiful mule deer and javelina. I owe a big part of my success to dry fire pro it is a great tool to stay in shooting shape anywhere and year round. Thanks dry fire pro!


All in all a great buy

Being new to archery, and also very busy, I don’t have time to go to the archery range on a regular basis. I needed something that actually mimiced the ergonomics and feel of my bow. This device met my need on all levels. Adjustable tension and the ability to mount my sights (or a practice one) were some of the features that sold me. I feel that I can work archery specific muscles with this trainer in between range sessions. This is crucial as there are no real exercises that mimic this motion. All in all a great buy. I highly recommend.



My daughter, Danii. was shooting in Las Vegas this last year, when she had pulled back on a bow that was not the draw weight she was told it was. She had suffered a shoulder issue that took her out of competing for a few months. I was able to get her to use the DRY FIRE PRO to aid in her recovery back into competing again in a very short time. The DFP is an essential tool for therapy to get you back Into the game. As a coach of a JOAD Club , I find it very successful in getting kids to believe in their processes by using the Dry Fire Pro. Each archer that has tried to use this device has come up ,not only with better form but also better grouping of arrows and higher scores too.. I cannot say enough things about this training tool. it’s the best out on the market. Justin Tafoya has hit a homerun with this device. try one or better yet, get one for yourself and you will be amazed at how well you will be shooting in a very short time.

David Gunn

Great to use at home

I bought this in the spring, when I was recovering from a broken foot. It is adjustable and has some heft to it. I added a modestly priced stabilizer with some weights, as well as my old sight, to make it feel more like real bow. The fact that this was possible is one of the reasons I bought it. When I was unable to shoot, because of my injury, it kept my muscles fluid & strong. It is also great for when you just can’t get outside (in heavy snow or extreme, heat, for example.)




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