My daughter, Danii. was shooting in Las Vegas this last year, when she had pulled back on a bow that was not the draw weight she was told it was. She had suffered a shoulder issue that took her out of competing for a few months. I was able to get her to use the DRY FIRE PRO to aid in her recovery back into competing again in a very short time. The DFP is an essential tool for therapy to get you back Into the game. As a coach of a JOAD Club , I find it very successful in getting kids to believe in their processes by using the Dry Fire Pro. Each archer that has tried to use this device has come up ,not only with better form but also better grouping of arrows and higher scores too.. I cannot say enough things about this training tool. it’s the best out on the market. Justin Tafoya has hit a homerun with this device. try one or better yet, get one for yourself and you will be amazed at how well you will be shooting in a very short time.