Personal rehab

I have put comments on here about the DRYFIRE Pro. I have had the privilege to see the makings of this product. As a certified Level 4 coach,I believe that this device is second to none. The fact that it is so simple to use and for all the issues with shooting a bow, wether it be compitition target , 3D ,or hunting. This training device is a must have. I’ve seen others but still fall back on this. I’ve used it with all our JOAD kids and their processes and form have been taken too higher levels. Using the DRYFIRE as a therapy tool is excellent. I’ve personally used it fory two shoulder surgeries to get back into shape.Whth going through a hip replacement I used the DRYFIRE Pro for training so I could keep my muscles and form up. I can go on but the reality is, is you don’t have one of these .Do yourself a huge favor and get one. You won’t be disappointed. Justin Tafoya has hit the ball out of the ballpark with this training aid.