Great training aid from injury

My son is a first year cadet recurve archer, he increased his draw weight from 32lbc to 38 lbs. In about two months shoooting with heavier weight he developed a gnawing injury to his left Rhomboid muscle, ( left handed) his doctor advised him to rest and not pull heavy for 2 to 4 weeks. Good enough we got this Dry Fire from Vegas Shoot and he used it every day with quarter to half the weight he was pulling until he was back to 30 lbs. he used it as training aid and rehab from his injury. First time back shooting at 60 meters and scored 310/360. And it was his first time breaking over 300 at 60 meters. Now he averages 315 to 325 after a month of serious training at cadet distance. Never lost his form and strength. Thanks a lot Dry Fire Archery, my son is more motivated now to shoot and aiming to medal this coming SoCal Shootout. And by the way customer service was awesome, just ask Justin.