Best Archery Pratice Device on the Market!

 By M Bix on November 29, 2016

I bought this device a bit ago, but have been waiting to review until I got a chance to consistently use it. It is definitely 5 star worthy. As noted in the questions, I asked if this device can handle a 70-80lb draw and I was shipped the new heavier bands with my purchase. It wasn’t until I got it, until I realized how out of shape my muscles were and I am just using the standard bands. I have recently mounted a spare sight to the bow which is helping with target panic and also giving me a better frame of reference for my workout routine. I am doing the 21-21-21 program right now.

It’s fantastic that I’m able to use my own equipment (sight, release) to simulate shooting without being able to go to a range. I live in a townhouse and indoor ranges aren’t that close, so I was looking for a solutions to keep myself in shape for winter. This definitely fits the bill. I have added a 2.5 lb weight on the end as well. None of the other products out there come close to experience this provides.

The best thing about the product is also the portability. Since I bought it, I have gone on 3 trips and have packed it each time. It packed fine in my checked bag at the airport and had no problems there. This allowed me to continue the training program even while on the road (a big problem I face is staying active while away from home).

I have shared the dry fire pro with most everybody I know and everyone is impressed. With Christmas around the corner, it would make a great gift for anyone who is an archer.

The only negative I can think of is the plastic end that holds the weight on the DFP is a smaller thread than the standard one used for a stabilizer. If you wanted to use a stabilizer you really wouldn’t be able to use a weight. I’m told that this is a design change that may have already been implemented going forward.

It’s a fantastic product, and the only one on the market I could find that would truly allow me to use my archery muscles and my own equipment. Obviously nothing will ever beat just shooting your own bow and repetition there, but this is an amazing alternatives that will save wear and tear on that expensive bow you have and also allow you to get reps in at home.

Highly recommend!!