Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it only for compound archers? The Dry Fire Pro® can be used by finger shooting archers too. We have an accessory called the MASAN that mimics the string angles and nock at full draw all archers can use to practice. Tie a d-loop under the mimicked arrow shaft and easily use a mechanical release.

Can the Dry Fire Pro be shot? Absolutely, that is why it is called the Dry Fire Pro®.

Why aren’t the band ends always connected together? The dual band design ensures that the tubing safely moves away from the archer during practice. No more slapping of the arm by tubing. Negative reinforcement is a thing of the past.

Why don’t archers shoot their bows more? Take a moment and think of one reason you couldn’t shoot when you wanted to. For many of us we have jobs, family, and other obligations that trump shooting. Many of our current customers easily find  5-10 minutes during the day to use our shot trainer because no target to set up or bulky bows to lug around.


Why do archers need this? Only the archer can answer that. As archers we are always looking for ways to better our performance. Maybe you want to learn a back tension release or stop punching a trigger.

What is the poundage it will go up to? The red bands are rated at 60lbs but we want archers to think about their resistance they experience at full draw. With todays technology most bows have let-offs ranging between 75%-90%. This means that the weight archer experience at full draw ranges from 10-14 pounds. Focus on this weight to practice form. Reduce fatigue and improve muscle memory by practicing at your let-off weight.

I have a 27 inch draw length and my spouse has a 25 inch draw length can we both use it? Yes. Draw length is respective to the resistance desired. The bands are elastic so they can accommodate nearly all draw lengths.

Can I buy replacement parts? Yes. We have replacement band kits and foam kits. Bands replacement is recommended annually. Always inspect before use and especially if stored in a hot or dry environment. The foam is used to help keep the device quiet. The foam may split or come off but the device is still usable.

Is there a back wall? Yes and no. The bands will continue to stretch but a string can be tied from the upper band d-loop to the T-housing or torque indicator part. This works for many archers but we are always looking for ways to improve the Dry Fire Pro®.


How does it compare to other trainers on the market? It doesn’t because the Dry Fire Pro® offers way more. You would have to buy 3-4 units of another device (~$400) to achieve our resistance range. In addition, archer can add bow sights, weights, stabilizers, laser sights, our accessories for our one price. We offer the feel of string instead of tubing and the Dry Fire Pro® is very portable at 19 inches tall.

Can I get it in left handed? The Dry Fire Pro® is designed for right and left handed archers. One device for all archers.