About Our Family

Dry Fire Archery is a family and veteran owned business located in the White Mountains of Arizona. My wife and I are Registered Nurses and we are outdoors enthusiasts. Archery is big part of our outdoor world and we are blessed to share these experiences with family and many of our friends. A shared problem we experienced was not being able to shoot as much as we used to because of our busy schedules.  As a result, we came up with a way to condition our muscles before picking up our bows and a way that helped us focus on ridding imperfections noted during the limited time we had shooting our bows. We stopped chasing arrows and started focusing on our shot routine before the arrow is released. This is why Dry Fire Archery training products exist. 

At Dry Fire Archery, we believe that proper conditioning of our archery muscles (brain and body) is the key to perfecting the shot process, building confidence, and performing at high levels. Many archers like us have limited time to shoot our bows because the weather is hot, cold, humid, rainy, snowy, or windy. Additional reasons our time is limited is because of long drives to the archery range, don’t feel like dragging the bow and target out, living in urban areas HOAs prohibit shooting, and our families usually fill the majority of our time with activities encompassing the family. If any of this sounds familiar then you will agree with us that it’s hard to give your best performance at the archery range, on a 3D course, in competition, and in the field when you aren’t prepared.

When you meet us at an event share your archery story with us.

Again, Thanks for your interest and happy dry firing!

Justin & Amy Tafoya, Owners