How to choose a compound bow release

Much like picking a bow an archer should consider comfort as a top reason for selecting a particular mechanical release. Adjustability can improve the comfort of a release. Make sure you are able to adjust trigger pressure, wrist strap tension, and trigger length to your needs. I made the mistake of purchasing a thumb release that triggered by pushing it towards the target versus pulling it away from the target. This style caused a mental breakdown of my form. I usually end up snake biting (e.g. punching, stabbing, etc. the trigger) the claw style wrist release I have so practice is more about release trigger than arrow hit. The four finger back tension from Hot Shot Manufacturing provides me with a two stage shot process that causes me to slow down, breath, hold longer, and forget about triggering. For example, I get to full draw and set at my anchor point then I start to squeeze my right shoulder blade which causes the release to click (stage 1). I know that the arrow is close to flight at this the end of this stage. During stage 2 I breath in and slowly breath out (not so deep on inspiration or expiration that my pin is affected) while slow floating my pin on target and finally, wham my release triggers, my bow rocks loosely in hand, and my arrow hits target. Being able to focus on this two stage back tension allows me to see arrow flight and hit much better. Also, I am able to identify if my bow kicks funny based on hand torque or me rushing through stage 1 and 2.

You might end up with several releases like me and a great way to focus on mastering these releases is by using the Dry Fire Pro archery training device. Easy to set it to hold weight so you can focus on release triggering rather than experiencing the distractions of muscle fatigue and arrow hit when using a bow. Here are  a few links about choosing release aids that can help supplement your knowledge during the shopping process: Release Aids 101              Choosing the right release for you            Breaking down different releases

by Justin Tafoya, Owner-Dry Fire Archery