How to choose a compound bow release

Much like picking a bow an archer should consider comfort as a top reason for selecting a particular mechanical release. Adjustability can improve the comfort of a release. Make sure you are able to adjust trigger pressure, wrist strap tension, and trigger length to your needs. I made the mistake of purchasing a thumb release that triggered by pushing it towards Read More

Archery Shooting Tips

Traveling around the US to archery events we hear a lot of stories and experiences that archers openly share with us. Our encounters left us with a common theme among hunters and it simply is that archers only need his/her bow to learn how to shoot it. Statements supporting this theme sound like this, “if I want to Read More

Buying your first bow

When I first bought a compound bow I had no idea what I was looking for or really the proper shooting mechanics. The sales person handed me a bow, gave me an arrow, placed me 10 feet from a wall target, and had me shoot a few arrows. “How does it feel?”, he asked. My response was “great” but what did I know since Read More