Buying your first bow

When I first bought a compound bow I had no idea what I was looking for or really the proper shooting mechanics. The sales person handed me a bow, gave me an arrow, placed me 10 feet from a wall target, and had me shoot a few arrows. “How does it feel?”, he asked. My response was “great” but what did I know since I didn’t have anything to compare the experience to. I am a visual & hands on learner so testing bows as I did was perfect. Looking back I wish that I received more of a basic archery tutorial by the sales person. Expecting too much? Maybe, but now I am correcting bad habits that I didn’t even know were bad until now.  The sport of archery is growing fast and now is the time to help archers understand that their is more to it that owning the latest and greatest equipment. There are many articles written by professional archers that advice archers to focus on themselves before equipment. Great advice.

Bad habits or good habits I found that repetition is a very important piece of the puzzle. If you are able to mimic a process then in theory you should be successful right? Well a great method of ensuring that I mimic my shot process/routine is to record myself shooting my bow with an app like coaches eye to identify key steps of my process. Then what  I do is pick up the Dry Fire Pro® archery training device and focus on those key steps. At that point I can watch myself perform those steps with the DFP in my mirror or on the app. I do this for 15-20 minutes a day 4-6 days a week when I am getting ready for a hunt or 3D courses. I found that when I shoot my bow that my shot process is far more instinctive and I instantly know when a step is out of place.

By, Justin Tafoya, Owner-Dry Fire Archery